Jaguar Area 17 Day 2017 - PulloxhillSunday 13 August 2017

This venue had a lot to live up to as in previous years we had made our presence known at Woburn and Kensworth every August.  Our fingers were crossed for a really enjoyable meeting and I have to say that we were not disappointed.

I had contacted the event organiser, in the shape of Steve Pattenden in late 2016 with a view of us to attend the South Bedfordshire Classic Car Show.  He was very happy to welcome Area 17 as a club to his yearly bash.

Club members rallied round on the evening previous evening to erect our marquee.  The male members were ‘encouraged’ by the ‘better halves’ in this operation…from a distance of course !!!  Upon completion of this mammoth task we replenished our energy levels in the pub…where else ??

At the crack of dawn on the Sunday morning around 9.45am onwards we gathered to show off our ‘pride and joy’ to the masses.  They numbered 14 members’ cars and 2 more were added by other club members who we welcomed to join us for the event.  The weather we had ‘ordered’ came to fruition quite early on and continued on for the rest of the day.  It was a scorcher !!

It’s really hard work relaxing in our fold out chairs in the sunshine so the club laid on Cava, Bucks Fizz and nibbles for all including any new prospective members who showed an interest in joining us.  There was quite a lot of chatter and laughter that ensued.

We were by no means the only show-offs at the event as grassed areas were covered with a massive array of vehicles.  There were other clubs on site along with individual entrants all looking proud of their ‘babies’.  To complete the show offerings, there were food and trade tents along with spares, parts etc. so enough to interest everyone.

During the proceedings, members were asked to put ‘a cross against’ their favourite member’s car entered on our stand.  Two categories were voted on.  i) Pre 1996 and ii) 1996 onwards and the well deserved winners were John Pollard’s Mark 5 and Alan Nothard’s XKR – what beauties !! Thanks to everyone for their entries and their support.

The day finished at around 4.00pm and I know was enjoyed by all so I’ve arranged with Steve for us to return next year on Sunday 12 August 2018.

Big thanks to all of you who attended and of course helped in making our day a success.