A Christmas Feast!

The annual Christmas lunch was held on Sunday 16th December 2012 in the restaurant of the Jolly Coopers and proved to be the most popular ever, a virtual sell-out!

Drinks and an informal chat preceded the much awaited meal. The food, provided by the pub and served to us by two very charming waitresses who also kept us topped up with wine which the club provided, was very good.

After the meal our chairman, Roger gave a short (hurray) speech and thanked the pub, the waitresses and Marion who had organised the seating plan and the raffle. The chairman’s trophy was awarded to two people this year for their outstanding work for the club. It was suggested one has it for the first 6 months then hand it over to the other. This shouldn’t prove too much of a problem as the trophy went to Marion & Peter Platt! A huge round of applause rang out to the deserving couple.

The raffle was then drawn and so as not to disappoint chairman Roger we let him win a prize this year!

Apart from one member who shall remain nameless, throwing his wine over the table there were no punch ups, just everyone enjoying their selves.