Ladies Night: Nails and Makeup

This, our first meeting of 2013 looked at one point that it would be another casualty of the weather. However, luck was on our side and the snow stayed south of London!
A very good turn out of 35 members, partners and guests filled the venue with the ladies seated at the front so they could see the action.
After a brief speech and introduction from chairman Roger, Kelly set to work on her model, Emma. It was hard for us guys to imagine how Kelly could improve Emma’s looks but the end result was stunning.
After the superb Jolly Coopers buffet, Christina demonstrated her nail techniques so the ladies gathered round. Different nail files and tools were shown and Christina explained how to use them. One lucky member was used as a model to show how to prepare, coat, varnish and produce a nice set of claws, sorry finger nails!
The evening ended with Roger presenting Janet who had arranged the event, with a large box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers each for Kelly and Christina and a single red rose for Emma.