The Moth Club Rally 2013

Lee Mullins attended The Moth Club Rally at Woburn in August 2013.

Well, we all went to the Woburn Vintage Car Show in August, but I only spotted one member there the next weekend!

It was the occasion of The Moth Club Rally, where De Havilland aircraft dating back to the 1920’s amassed on the deer park, using the grassy area as an improvised runway.

Why, I hear you ask?

Well, one of the former Duchess of Bedfords, took up flying in her later years and flew her Moth from Woburn, only to loose her life when she crashed it into the sea.

Since the inception of the Moth Club, they have had their annual rally at Woburn, excepting the last 5 years. As a former private pilot, I flew into the rally on three occasions, twice in a modified Tiger Moth, called a Thruxton Jackaroo!

So, there were loads of biplanes and it’s replacements, the later De Havilland Chipmunks buzzing around all weekend, but, surprisingly, there were also an awful lot of vintage cars, equalling those from the previous week.