JEC logo Guest Speaker: Nigel Thorley

This was a talk and slide show by Nigel Thorley, editor of the Jaguar Enthusiast magazine and one of the founders of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club.

Nigel has a vast knowledge of all things Jaguar and, as was demonstrated in his excellent talk, a good knowledge of other makes of vehicles, especially those models that inspired the Jaguar designs and were rivals to the Jaguar Car. The whole talk was given without any referring to notes which indicates the vast knowledge of this gentleman.

He took us on an historical journey of Jaguar from the first ‘SS’ right through to the modern and current XE, XF XJ CKĀ  F Type and Jaguars entry into the crossover market with the C-X17, 90 years of Jaguar.

With photographs of not only the Jaguars but also ‘other makes’ which as stated above inspired the designs and the rival models of the same period.

A superb and interested talk which appeared to keep the ladies equally interested. At least I didn’t spot anyone asleep or knitting!

The club thank Nigel for gracing us with his presence and maybe can again be enticed to give another of his talks, of which he has numerous to choose from.