Towards Better Pictures 1

Prelude, Preamble, Introduction. Call it what you will,  it’s the lead up to a recent presentation by our chairman at our monthly meeting on February 10th 2014

The presentation, entitled ‘Towards Better Pictures’ was aimed at members with a point and shoot, compact and though not mentioned applies to an iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other devices with a built in camera.

Having worked in the photographic industry for 40 years, I wasn’t sure what we would be confronted with and admit I thought I would find it boring. However Roger did a really splendid job with some good photographic examples, well that is apart from two which we won’t pursue further though they did give everyone a good laugh!

It was a well presented non technical talk and thoroughly enjoyable.

Thank you, Roger.

Please click this link to read and remind you of the tips Roger gave us.