Web Calendar

To view the WebCalendar in full screen click here.

How to use the Web Calendar

The Calendar always opens on the current month with ‘Today’ in red.
Hover your touchpad/mouse pointer over an event and a green box will open showing further details. Click the event to open it.

All Monthly Meetings have been added and these will be updated with the actual event as they are finalised. Also Bank Holidays and some other Events have been added including the Phases of the Moon!

You can change which Month/year to view or select a Weekly view or which Year to veiw.

From the year option you can then view individual days.

If you should find yourself on the login page, click “Access Public Calendar”.

If you know of an event such as a Festival, Rally, Classic car show etc which may be of interest to other members please click the Contact Form button at the bottom of the calendar.  Complete the form as requested and give Event Title, Date, Time and Location and any other useful information such as website, address of venue etc.