Woburn 2014

“A few drops of rain and a bit of a breeze, where’s your British Bulldog Spirit?”

Well, clearly the members of Area 17 have it in plenty, as around thirty of our members, with a display of sixteen very fine Jaguars, defied the forecasters to meet at Woburn.

Ours was the biggest and best display of cars. On the day, the best in Bedfordshire.

I think it was one of those serendipity events when everyone came together to make it one of the most enjoyable (extended) Sunday lunch times I have been to in a long time. The marquee did stalwart service, thanks to those grand stalwarts who arrived in the rain early on Sunday morning to put it up, drinks flowed and the extensive, delicious and home-made nibbles so generously brought by our members, became lunch (for me, at least).

From comments I heard, I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and I do hope that that really does apply to everyone.

On behalf of all of your committee, may I thank all those who attended for their support.

Post by Roger | Photographs are in the Gallery